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An American living in Seoul, South Korea: teaching, learning, and traveling.

One Month Left

It’s hard to believe that my second year in Korea is coming to an end.  In many ways I am happy and ready to move onto something new, but I’m also sad that this chapter of my life is ending. … Continue reading

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One of my blog posts should be about couplewear, so why not my second to last one?  Couplewear is everywhere here, although I noticed it more when I first arrived in 2010.  (Maybe I’m just used to it now. 😉 … Continue reading

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Udo Island

Udo is a tiny island off of Jeju, and is a good afternoon trip.  When you get to the island, you can rent ATVs or scooters to make a big loop around it.  We opted for the ATVs, and had … Continue reading

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So much has happened in the past month!  For one, my mom visited me here in Korea.  She arrived on Mother’s Day and left on the day after her birthday.  It was nice that I could take some vacation time so that I could spend more time with her.  


Mom’s room at the traditional guesthouse; I had to decorate it for Mother’s Day!

Mom saw various parts of Seoul.  For the first 5 nights, she stayed at a traditional Korean guesthouse, which was a new experience for her.  She had her own bathroom attached to her room, which made her feel much more comfortable.  The guesthouse was right in the middle of Seoul’s attractions, so places like  Gwangwhamun, 

Our big trip out of Seoul was to Jeju island, which is described as “the Hawaii of Korea.”  It was beautiful, but I think Hawaii must be warmer. 😉  

On her birthday, I treated Mom to a visit at a jimjilbang, or a Korean sauna.  We went to differently heated saunas and pools, and she got

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Spring, Midterms, and Upcoming Visits!

I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve written… after winter camps and vacations, the new school year began in March and we are already having midterms next week.  Winter seemed to last forever – it didn’t get warm … Continue reading

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A Weekend Trip to Boseong Tea Fields

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Boseong, an area about 5 hours south of Seoul where they grow green tea plants.  We went for two reasons: first, the tea fields are a famous part of this province … Continue reading

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A Second Christmas in Korea

Christmas this year was really special.  We had a Christmas Eve potluck dinner at Naomi’s (since her apartment is the biggest. :))  The food and company were great, and as our friend Andy said, “We did well (with making the … Continue reading

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