I am teaching English in Seoul, South Korea for the next year.  Looking forward to many adventures!


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  1. ashley says:

    Hey!! I am so glad I found your blog! I want to teach in Korea through the EPIK-Seoul program, but according to the news articles, they are phasing out the program. Do you know anything about this? I tried messaging Korvia through Facebook but they didn’t respond. Makes me not want to go with them as recruiters! Anyway, if you know anything about this and what the climate is like because of the decision I would appreciate the info! Thanks!

    • Hi Ashley! I would definitely try to e-mail Korvia. Many of my friends used them 2 years ago and were really pleased with their help. I used I Love ESL, Ltd and they were good too (based in Toronto).

      To answer your question, yes, I believe they are phasing out the native English teachers here. From what I’ve heard, they are ending all high school positions this August, by August 2013, they’ll end all middle school positions, and by August 2014 they are supposed to end all elementary school positions. But they keep bringing in new teachers, so maybe they’re trying to get teachers with proper licenses instead of just anyone with a college degree. Also, I read that after this year, they are just giving native English teachers one week of vacation per year (compared to 21 days that I got). Anyway, I hope this helps! You could always work in a private academy (hagwon), or if you have a master’s degree and TEFL certificate, you could try for a university position. But check and see what Korvia says. Good luck!

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