One of my blog posts should be about couplewear, so why not my second to last one?  Couplewear is everywhere here, although I noticed it more when I first arrived in 2010.  (Maybe I’m just used to it now. 😉 )  Nevertheless, you still see people here wearing matching shirts.  The REALLY devoted couples match from head to toe: same t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.  I’ve heard this is a sort of test Korean girlfriends give to their boyfriends, but then again, maybe the guys really want to wear it.  This fad has been compared to the shirts in the U.S. with the finger pointing to the other shirt.  (You’ve seen them, right?)

I’ve even seen entire families wearing matching clothes.  But the weirdest one was probably on Nami Island.  There was a mother and her (pre-teen?) son in matching t-shirts who were taking pictures together and acting cute.  I thought they were dating!  Nope, the woman was his young-looking mother.

You get the idea.  I thought it was funny at first – why would you want to wear the same polo shirt as your boyfriend?  It looks kind of weird.  But then my boyfriend bought us matching t-shirts for our 300 day anniversary and my heart melted.  (By the way, couples celebrate by days here – 100, 200, 300… a few months before my friend got married, she mentioned that she and her boyfriend were celebrating their 1,000 day anniversary.)

Anyway, Jaeyoung bought us these shirts.  They’re kind of adorable.  More special than the same polo shirt, anyway.  😉  And we’ll be wearing them on our trip to Sokcho this weekend.

The front of the shirt, so I always have to stand on the left

The back of the shirt. I did not make him buy it or wear it!


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