Udo Island

Udo is a tiny island off of Jeju, and is a good afternoon trip.  When you get to the island, you can rent ATVs or scooters to make a big loop around it.  We opted for the ATVs, and had a great time (Jaeyoung was glad he didn’t have to worry about us on the scooters!)

About 10 minutes into the trip, we found a cute cafe.  I admit, I wanted to stop because of the name:  “Ha Ha Ho Ho.”  It had a beautiful view of the ocean and great hamburgers!  (Not the most Korean of foods, but with a  peanut sauce made from Udo’s homegrown peanuts, it was great!  Mom and I tried the peanut burger, and Jaeyoung went with the cheeseburger.  We also had it with Jeju’s orange juice.

Can you say, "Yum?!"

Can you say, “Yum?!”


Outside of the cafe with our ATVs parked on the side


Inside of the cafe


These windows overlooked the ocean.

If you have 3 or 4 hours when you’re in Jeju, I recommend visiting Udo.  It a fun side-trip, and the scenery is beautiful.


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