A Weekend Trip to Boseong Tea Fields

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Boseong, an area about 5 hours south of Seoul where they grow green tea plants.  We went for two reasons: first, the tea fields are a famous part of this province (and one I wanted to see before leaving Korea in August), and second, they were having a light festival from December – January. As a child, I looked forward to bundling up and seeing the annual Columbus zoo lights with my family and neighbors, so this was a perfect opportunity to have a similar experience and forget winter for a bit.

Boseong itself is a tiny town compared to the rest of South Korea and although we stayed in the town the first night, a rooster woke us up bright and early!  

On Saturday, we moved to our pension outside of the town.  We felt lucky to get this pension, since it was within walking distance of two major tea fields.  However, we soon found out that the location was the only good part – the big window was drafty, and the room was not clean.  It was more expensive than the place we stayed in town.

But, we made the best of it. In the afternoon, we went to the most well-known tea field, and in the evening, we walked down to the light show, which we could see from our pension!

Walking into the tea field

Walking up to the top

The View

Taking a break with a green tea latte and green tea ice cream - both are delicious!

Day View from the Pension

Night View from the Pension

Korea may have hearts everywhere, but I thought this was clever; the picture before is in the middle of the heart.

Where people could sit and take pictures together. Families were lining up to do this!

The entrance

People's wish cards for the new year

Dragon's head

Dragon's tail


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An American living in Seoul, South Korea: teaching, learning, and traveling.
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